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Pragmatic Roman ruins

While most Roman ruins are located on flat ground, so that the rectangular shapes and the straight streets could easily be constructed, Tiddis, or Castellum Tidditanorum as it once was called, climbs up the hillside, with winding roads. The hillside is these days decorated by wild flowers, while the entire nature is dominated by the red colour of the soil.
The ruin area is quite large, and from it the water system, that provided both hot and cold water, is still very much visible. The water source of Tiddis seems to have been rain water, and almost every house and building had cisterns for gathering and storing of water.
There are a couple of things to see here, that should my no means be overlooked,- the Temple of Mithra, with a large carving of a winged phallus. The other great thing is the cleft above the city, where damp comes up from the ground, creating high temperatures.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing, go back to Constantine.

There is no public transportation that will even bring you near Tiddis. You have to rent a taxi (a bit expensive) if you don't have your own car or motorcycle.

Going Next
30 km southeast: Constantine

By Tore Kjeilen