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Winter sports

Tikjda, Algeria

Tikjda at an altitude of 1,600 metres has been turned into a charming little winter sports centre, the centre of skiing in the Djurdjura Mountains. In summer time, this area offers a number of great walks, as well as rock climbing. The area around Tikjda is beautiful, with many peaks and hillsides covered with cedar forests. Tikjda offers many short excursions, with places like Point de vue du Djurdjura and Gouffre de l'Akouker. From the latter, virtually all of the Kabylia as well as the Mediterranean Sea can be spotted on clear days.
If all this wasn't enough, a small glacier can be found 3-4 km from Tikjda, the Takouatz Guerisséne. Around 10 km to the west of Tikjda, the lake of Goulmin is found, a sight worth this detour over and over again.

Eat and Sleep
According to our information, there are no nearby hotels, as well as no restaurants.

Buses pass through the area, often quite full. This is anyway, a good place to discover either while trekking, or with your own transportation.

By Tore Kjeilen