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1. Hello & Goodbye

2. Counting

3. Meeting people

4. In the hotel

5. In the restaurant

6. Writing Arabic

7. part 2

8. part 3

9. part 4

10. My name is Issam

11. My local coffeeshop

12. Swedish women

13. Alexandria's beaches

14. Fixing cars

15. Islam & Christianity

16. Quit smoking?

17. Mountains of cookies

18. My marriage

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Lesson 1
Hello & Goodbye

Hello; welcome

Listen 'as-salāmu calaykum
Hello; Peace upon you

Listen calaykumu s-salām
Hello; Peace upon you, too

Listen kayf hāluk?
How are you?

Listen shukran. al-hamdu li-lāh. wa ant?
Thank you. Fine, by God's mercy. And you?

Listen 'anā bi-khayr
I'm fine

Listen maca salāma
Go without fear

Listen ilā l-liqā'
So long; Until the next time

By Tore Kjeilen