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3. Meeting people

4. In the hotel

5. In the restaurant

6. Writing Arabic

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9. part 4

10. My name is Issam

11. My local coffeeshop

12. Swedish women

13. Alexandria's beaches

14. Fixing cars

15. Islam & Christianity

16. Quit smoking?

17. Mountains of cookies

18. My marriage

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Grammar 9
Writing Arabic, part 4

By now you should be getting a grasp on writing and reading Arabic. The letters presented here are not saddled with special characteristics, differing them from letters in earlier lessons. One little thing perhaps: Note that even if nn is resembling letters like b', t' and th', it is still making up a group of its own: It is drawn with a round loop, when standing alone or as the last letter in a word.
Have you remembered to start practicing on your own? However evident, let us underline: There is no better way of learning to read Arabic than through writing Arabic text on your own.

shatt- beach.

danna- being miserly.

nasr- victory. Hey, this is the same as former president of Egypt's name: Nasser. I guess that it is a good name for a ruler of a country.

matār- airport.

'islām- Islam. One thing here: Note the connection between lm and 'alif. These two letters have a couple of interesting forms of joining together,- not to difficult to grasp, but more on that later.

By Tore Kjeilen