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1. Hello & Goodbye

2. Counting

3. Meeting people

4. In the hotel

5. In the restaurant

6. Writing Arabic

7. part 2

8. part 3

9. part 4

10. My name is Issam

11. My local coffeeshop

12. Swedish women

13. Alexandria's beaches

14. Fixing cars

15. Islam & Christianity

16. Quit smoking?

17. Mountains of cookies

18. My marriage

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Lesson 11
Word list
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Listen akhīr; ukh
Other. Masculine and feminine.

Listen 'an
To. Used in a matter similar to English 'to', but not as frequently.

Listen ayy
No. Rarely used alone, in this lesson together with 'shakhs', to become 'nobody'.

Listen bacda

Listen zhuhr

Listen bacda zh-zhuhr

Listen baqiyy
(v) To stay [somewhere], to remain [somewhere]

Listen 'ad-dominow

Listen fatra
Period of time

Listen ghadara
(v) To leave, to depart from

Listen hum
They, them. Masculine.

Listen hunā

Listen hunāk

Listen istatāca
(v) To be able to [do something]

Listen kāna
(v) To be. Rarely used, as this very is omitted from typical Arabic sentences. When it is used, however, it expresses strength.

Listen laciba
(v) To play

Listen maqhā
Coffee shop

Listen qahwā
Coffee. Both for beans, powder and the beverage.

Listen masā'

Listen tiwāl 'al-masā'
All evening

Listen mithla
Similar to

Listen nahnu
We, us

Listen qadā
(v) To spend [something], to consummate

Listen qadīm; qudamā'
Old. Adjective, here shown in both singular and plural.

Listen sadīq; asdiqā'
Friend. Singular and plural.

Listen samica
(v) To hear, to listen

Listen sawt

Listen shakhs
People. A form of singular plural. It points at a group of people but is used as a singuarl noun.

Listen shariba
(v) To drink

Listen takallam
To talk, to converse

Listen taqābala
(v) To meet

Listen waqt

Listen cindamā

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By Tore Kjeilen