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Ferhat Abbas
Arabic: farhāt ¢abbās

Ferhat Abbas.

Ferhat Abbas.

(1899-1985) First president of Algeria 1962-1963, president of the exile government 1958-1961.
Abbas was until World War 2 most pro-French in his attitudes, in favour of the French-Algerian alliance, though emphasizing equal rights for Muslims. After the Algerian War, when he became president, he remained a moderate, and would eventually be forced from office by more radical forces.

1899 August 24: Born at Taher, near Constantine, into a wealthy family.
1924: Partakes in the establishment of the Association of Muslim Students.
1932: Graduates and opens a pharmacy in Setif.
1943 February 10: Defines a Muslim nationalist stand when issuing his Manifesto of the Algerian People. In this, Christians of Algeria were secured an equal position with the Muslims.
1944 March 14: Together with Messali Hadj, he forms the Friends of the Manifesto and Liberty, which in effect opposed the existing French control over Algeria.
1945 May 8: Partakes in riots in Setif, and is arrested.
1946: After being released from prison, and while serving in the French Constituent Assembly in Paris, Abbas founds the political party, Democratic Union of the Algerian Manifesto. The party advocated the establishment of a Muslim Algeria in cooperation with French authorities.
1955: Joins the FLN.
1956: Flees to Cairo, Egypt.
1958 September 19: An exile Muslim government of Algeria is formed with Abbas as president, located to Tunis.
1961: Resigns from the exile government, and would not participate in the upcoming negotiations between FLN and France.
1962 September 25: Upon the Muslims of Algeria gaining sovereignty of the country, Abbas is elected the first president, though this is defined as president of the Algerian Constituent Assembly.
1963 August 14: In protest of the constitution of Algeria, Abbas resigns as president. He is succeeded by Ahmed Ben Bella. He was expelled from FLN also.
1964 July 3: Is placed under house arrest.
1965 June: Released from house arrest.
1976 March 11: Appeals to the Algerian people, and is again placed under house arrest.
1979: Released from house arrest.
1984: Is awarded the Medal of Resistance by Algerian authorities.
1985: Dies.

By Tore Kjeilen