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Ali Kafi
Arabic: ¢aliyy hussayn kāfiyy

Ali Kafi

Ali Kafi.

(1928-) Chairman of the High State Committee (HCE) of Algeria 1992-1994, effectively being the country's president.
His presidency belongs to one of the most troubled periods of the Algerian Civil War. He is usually not attributed with any important political decisions.

1928 October 17: Born in El Harrouch, near Skikda.
1954: Joins the Muslim side in the Algerian War.
1957: Heads the FLN in the 2nd wilaya.
Unknown: Becomes chairman of the war veterans' organization.
1992 January 11: Becomes member of the High State Committee.
July 2: After the death of Boudiaf, Ali Kafi becomes new chairman fo the High State Committee.
1994 January 31: Resigns as chairman and is replaced by Liamine Zeroual

By Tore Kjeilen