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Amir Kabir
Full name: Mirza Taqi Khan Amir Kabir

Prime minister Amir Kabir of Persia

(1807-1852) Prime minister of Persia 1848-1851, altogether 3 years, serving under Nasser ad-Din Shah.
Amir Kabir managed to undertake many reforms to the Persian administration during his short serve as prime minister. He is often called "Iran's first reformer".
He saw to bringing government expenditures under control, established a state budget separate from the royal court's, and initiated several smaller reforms to the administration. He promoted foreign trade, yet made efforts restraining foreign involvement on trade and industries.
He established what is considered the first modern university in Persia and the Middle East, the Dar-ol-Fonoon, "House of Arts" in Teheran. Its main purpose was to educate new administrators fitting Amir Kabir's bureaucratic reforms.
On the international arena, he made attempts towards the Ottoman sultan to forge peace between Persia and its powerful neighbour.
He was central in helping Nasser ad-Din to the Peacock Throne. Already his main advisor, the new shah showed his gratitude giving his sister to him in marriage. All this would change within few years, because changing so much in such a short time, many in the Persian elite saw their positions and privileges threatened. Joining together, they influenced the queen mother, who then exercised her great influence on the shah to shape the image that Amir Kabir was aiming at the Peacock Throne, nothing less. Evaluating historical sources this may well have been the truth, actually, but little information gives independent and conclusive information on this.
The name by which he is now remembered, Amir Kabir, means "Great ruler". His original name was Mirza Taghi Khan.

1807: Born as son of a servant of the prime minister.
— Receives his education at the court.
1848 September 5: Shah Mohammad dies, and Mirza Taghi assists Nasser ad-Din in asserting his position to become new shah. Mirza Taghi is appointed prime minister, and given the title for which he is remembered.
— Establishes a Western-style teaching institution, now considered to be the first modern university in Persia.
1851 October: Is dismissed as prime minister by Nasser ad-Din and exiled to Kashan.
1852 January 11: Is murdered on the order of the shah.

By Tore Kjeilen