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Persia / Achaemenid Dynasty /
Artaxerxes 2
Old Persian: artakhshayarsha

Artaxerxes 2' tomb, Persepolis, Iran
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Artaxerxes 2' tomb, Persepolis, Iran.

(?-358 BCE) King of Persia 404-358 BCE, belonging to the Achaemenid Dynasty.
Artaxerxes 2's almost 50 years in power were marked by numerous tensions inside the empire, and no advances into new territory. The period clearly indicates that neighbouring powers were more than capable of protecting themselves. As a result, when Artaxerxes 2 died, Persia was no larger than when he had become king.
Artaxerxes came to exercise much impact on Zoroastrianism because he reintroduced cults of the older Iranian gods, Anahita and Mithra.

Around 420? BCE: Born as oldest son of King Darius 2.
404: Conclusion of a 27 year long war period with Athens, resulting in all Greek cities reverting to Persian control.
— Artaxerxes loses control over Egypt.
401: Defeats his brother, Cyrus, who had rebelled against Artaxerxes.
400: The Greek state of Sparta breaks with Persia, and invades Anatolia. Persia gets a number of other Greek states as allies.
394: The Spartan navy is defeated and destroyed by the Persians at Cnidus.
386: A final peace agreement is signed with the former ally, Athens, called the King's Peace, defining rights to the lands of the border zone between the Greeks and Persia.
385: Launches a military campaign against Egypt, but without success.
374: A second campaign is launched against Egypt. This too ends in complete failure.
366: A revolt among local rulers, satraps, of Anatolia breaks out. But the satraps were not unified, and the Persians used distrust to destroy one after another.
358: Dies, and is succeeded by his son Artaxerxes 3.

By Tore Kjeilen