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Bahariyya Oasis
Arabic: 'al-wāha al-bahariyya
Ancient Egyptian: Zezes

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Bahariyya Oasis

Bahariyya Oasis, Egypt.
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Photo: Neil and Kathy Carey.

Bahariyya Oasis, Egypt.
Bahariyya Oasis, Egypt.

Bahariyya Oasis, Egypt.
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Oasis in the Western Desert in Egypt, with about about 30,000 inhabitants (2000 estimate).
In Egypian Arabic, the name means "northern", but the name is also linked with the Arabic words for "travel", "bewildered" and "pool".
The oasis stretches 60 km across a barren depression 94 km long and 42 km wide., consisting of 4 separate areas. The largest of these is also the administrative centre, the village of Bawiti.
Bahariyya is 360 km southwest of Cairo and 180 km north of Farafra Oasis.
The main source of income remains agriculture producing dates, mangos, guavas, olives, rice and corn. Tourism is becoming increasingly important; while Bahariyya is the least attractive oasis in the Western Desert, it is the closest to Cairo, and also benefits from proximity to the Black Desert and White Desert, arranging trips into this region.
Tourism has had destructive side to Bahariyya, causing neglect of traditional quarters.
Bahariyya was part of Ancient Egypt since the New Kingdom, and has many interesting tombs. In ancient times, Bahariyya produced and exported wine to the Nile Valley.

Early 1970's: An asphalt road is built to Bahariyya from Cairo.
1996: Excavations begin in a Greco-Roman necropolis, with more than 30 tombs, and thousands of mummies.

By Tore Kjeilen