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Rabah Bitat
Arabic: rābahtāt

Rabah Bitat

Rabah Bitat.

(1925-2000) Algerian president 1978-1979.
His presidency lasted only for 45 days, as was intended, he filled the position after the death of Houari Boumedienne.
Although appearing has a temporary figure, he was president of the National Popular Assembly for 4 years, and his impact on Algerian politics may well be more than what is credited. He was the longest surviving politician of the inner circles, all from 1962 until 1990, and his influence must have been substantial.

1925 December 19: Born.
1954: Joins the Muslim side in the Algerian War, and becomes in charge of actions around Algiers.
1956: Is arrested by French authorities.
1960: Is by the FLN appointed as one of 4 delegates for negotiations with France, although all 4 are in jail.
1962: Upon Muslim independence for Algeria, Bitat is released from prison.
1977: Serves as president of the parliament.
1978 December 27: With the death of President Houari Boumedienne, Bitat is made temporary president of Algeria.
1979 February 9: Is replaced in his position as president by Chadly Benjedid. He had then been in office only 45 days. He returns to his position as president of the parliament.
2000 April 9: Dies.

By Tore Kjeilen