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Early Christianity

Early Christianity relates to the change from Judaism to an independent religion based upon the faith in Jesus Christ and the text of the New Testament. This was a process far more complex and varied than modern story telling suggests, involving several more traditions and groups that the ones emerging as victors.
The development happened in two stages: the liberation from Judaism; the formalization and defining of the new faith.
The process that is best considered "early" Christianity is the first 3 hundred years, although the process of defining Christianity is an ongoing process even in modern times.

Detailed articleJesus
The one, single factor that makes Christianity distinct from Judaism.

Detailed articleJesus-Judaism
Jesus died as a Jew, his first adherents considered themselves Jews. It took decades for this tradition to develop into being non-Jewish.

Detailed articlePaul
He defined Christianity as a religion separate from Judaism.

Detailed articleEbionites
One of several groups that interpreted the new message differently. From ca. 70 until 4th century.

Detailed articleArianism
One of the last challenges to the formation of Christianity, Arianism emerges and disappears within the 4th century.

Detailed articleGospel
The core texts relating to life and teachings of Jesus.

Detailed articleNew Testament
The collection of texts about the early Christians; including four of the gospels.
Detailed articleApocryphal gospels
Gospels were not included in the New Testament.

By Tore Kjeilen