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Town in southeastern Turkey with 60,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate) at the head of the Gulf of Iskenderun.
Dörtyol's main source of revenue today is the oil pipeline from Batman and Kirkuk, Iraq which allows oil tankers to be loaded with oil at the port terminal. Dörtyol has also activities with the nearby forests, cotton fields and citrus orchards.
Dörtyol is well-connected to other urban centres by both rail and road. Iskenderun is 50 km south, Antakya 110 km south, Adana 150 km west, Gaziantep 150 km east, Kahramanmaras 150 km northeast and Aleppo, Syria 220 km southeast.

1977: The oil pipeline from Kirkuk, Iraq opens.
1978: The pipeline is shut down due to disagreements over payments, but opened at a later point.

By Tore Kjeilen