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(Around 3000 BCE) Hero and king of Uruk, in ancient Sumer, a region corresponding to modern Iraq. We know of Enmerkar from Sumerian epics, where is a notable figures.
Although it seems most likely that Enmerkar was historical, stories about him are legendary and mythical. His father is stated to be the sun god, Utu, his sister Inanna.
Stories of Enmerkar reflect the struggle between the kings of the cities of Uruk and Aratta, which resulted in the victory of Uruk and King Enmerkar. Interesting to these stories is how human history and myths of the Gods intertwine, how humans could act on a mission from gods, but also how the fate of gods could rely upon the success or failure of humans.
In addition to ruling Uruk, Enmerkar built a temple at Eridu.

By Tore Kjeilen