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By country

Turkey Iran Iraq Oman Saudi Arabia Egypt Sudan Libya Syria Yemen Israel Tunisia Lebanon Algeria Morocco Mauritania United Arab Emirates Kuwait Western Sahara Qatar Jordan
Index /
Political situation

Overview over the political situation of MENA countries; that is the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

Non-governmental groups and movements
Muslim Brotherhood
Takfir wa-l-Hijra

International involvements
Balfour Declaration
1917, concerning Palestine.
UN Security Council Resolutions
Mainly from 1967 until present.

Modern Wars
First Palestinian War
1947-1949, dividing Palestine, with the establishment of Israel.
Suez-Sinai War
1956, Israel and neighbours
Six-Day War
1967, Israel and neighbours
War of Attrition
1969-1970, Israel and neighbours
Yom Kippur War
1973, Israel and neighbours
Iran-Iraq War
1980-1988, between Iran and Iraq
Gulf War
1991, Iraq and international alliance, concerning Kuwait
US/British-Iraq War
2003, Iraq against USA and Great Britain

By Tore Kjeilen