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Rivers and Lakes

The most important rivers
6,671 km through Burundi; Rwanda; Uganda; Ethiopia; Sudan; Egypt.
2,735 km through Turkey; Syria; Iraq. Ends at the Shatt al-Arab river.
1,850 km through Turkey; Iraq. Ends at the Shatt al-Arab river.
Great Manmade River
1,600 km through Libya. Artificial, and flowing through a pipeline.
725 km through Iran. Ends at the Shatt al-Arab river.
400 km through Lebanon; Syria; Turkey.
320 km through Lebanon; Israel; Jordan; Palestine.
320 km through Turkey; Syria.
Shatt al-Arab
170 km through Iraq.

The most important lakes
Lake Nasser
5,250 km² border Egypt; Sudan.
Toshka Lakes
1,150 kmē in Egypt.
Dead Sea
1,050 kmē border Israel; Palestine; Jordan.
Chott el-Jerid
When filled with water, about 5,000 km² in Tunisia. Large parts of the year, it is only a salt bed.
Van lake
3,755 km² in Turkey.

By Tore Kjeilen