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Ibrahim Jaafari
Arabic: ibrahīm al-ja¢farī

Ibrahim Jaafari

(1947-) Prime minister of Iraq 2005-2006.
Jaafari is a Shi'i Muslim and many consider him to be a moderate, while others suggest that he has close ties to the conservative government of Iran. He has expressed his interest in cooperation with the other ethnic/religious groups in the country.
He favours using the Sharia as the only basis of Iraqi law. Opinion polls since 2003 have consistently indicated that he is the most popular politician in Iraq.
He is brother-in-law of Ali al-Sistani, the Grand Ayatullah and Marja.

1947: Born in Karbala, under the name Ibrahim al-Ashaiqer.
1968: Joins the Shi'i oriented al-Dawa Party, and becomes an active member.
1974: Graduates from Mosul University as a medical doctor.
1980: Governmental actions against opposition groups, including al-Dawa. Jaafari flees to Iran, fearing for his own life. He gets closely involved in the exiled anti-Saddam movement.
1989: Moves to Britain, where he acts as the UK spokesman for al-Dawa.
2003: Moves back to Iraq following the US/British-Iraq War.
July: Becomes member of the interim governing council set up by USA.
2004 June 1: Is elected one of two Vice-Presidents of Iraq.
2005 April 7: Is appointed Prime Minister by President Jalal Talabani.
2006 May 20: Is forced to step down as prime minister, being associated by the continued instable situation in Iraq. He is succeeded by Nouri al-Maliki.

By Tore Kjeilen