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Mesopotamia / Religions /
Kassites /

Ziggurat of Agargouf, Iraq.
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Ziggurat of Agargouf, Iraq. The main monument of the Kassites.

Religion of the Kassites, of which little is known.
They established a syncretic faith within the larger Babylonian and Assyrian religious structure. How much of this was a contribution from the original Kassite faith, cannot be determined from available data.
About 30 god names of Kassite origin have been identified, which shows that their theology had a polytheistic nature.
During the times of Kassite dominance in Babylonia, temples were built according to Babylonian traditions. One characterstic came with the Kassite: the use of molded bricks to form figures in relief.
The Kassites built one of the ziggurats still existing, the one at Agargouf.

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By Tore Kjeilen