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Byzantine Empire /
Leo 1
Full name: Flavius Valerius Leo
Byname: Leo the Thracian

(401-474) Byzantine emperor 457-474.
Leo'1 reign was heavily affected by the extremely costly and disastrous attack on the Vandals of North Africa. The attack left the empire bankrupt for decades to follow. To this disaster came the problems of numerous attacks by the West Goths and the Huns.
Leo preserved the status of the so-called orthodox church. He imposed more limitations to Jewish rights, demanding them to lived according to Christian regulations.
Leo was intended to be little but a tool for General Aspar. But Leo managed to break free from that, by seeing assistance from abroad. He forged an alliance with the Isaurians south in Asia Minor, an alliance sealed with the marriage of his daughter, Ariadne, to Tarasicodissa, leader of the Isaurians. Tarasicodissa changed his name to Zeno upon the marriage, he would manage to make himself new emperor after the death of Leo.

401: Born in Thrace.
— Serves as in the army, rising in the ranks to become one of the closest allies of General Aspar.
457 February 7: Becomes emperor, intended by General Aspar to become an easy puppet ruler. The Patriarch of Constantinople is involved for the first time in the coronation.
467: Byzantine power is demonstrated in Leo appointing the new emperor in the Western Roman Empire, Anthemius.
468: Attacks the Vandal king, Gaiseric, in North Africa. According to some accounts he sent more than 1,000 vessels and 100,000 men, with Basilicus as commander of the troops. The Vandals completely destroyed the Byzantine army, allegedly because of the incompetence and treason of Basilicus.
471: Aspar is murdered, allowing unchallenged power for Leo.
473: Adopts his grandson, 5-year old Leo, as co-ruler and heir.
474 January 18: Dies, and succeeded by the appointed heir, Leo, who only briefly is able to hold power.

By Tore Kjeilen