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Ancient Egypt
1. Introduction
2. People
3. Life styles
4. Culture
5. Education and Science
6. Society
7. Economy
8. Government
9. Cities and Villages
10. Language
11. Religion
12. Kings / periods
13. History
14. Map

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Open map of Ancient EgyptAncient Egypt / New Kingdom / 19th Dynasty /
Other spellings: Meneptah, Merenptah

Mummy of Merneptah.
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Mummy of Merneptah.

King Merneptah

The Israel stele from the Temple of Merneptah, Luxor, Egypt.
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The Israel stele from the Temple of Merneptah, Luxor, Egypt.

King of Ancient Egypt 1213-1203 BCE, 10 years, being the 4th ruler of the 19th Dynasty.
Merneptah was the 13th son of Ramses 2, and came to power first after all his older brothers had died. He was almost 60 years old at the time.
His reign was one of many wars. Egypt faced many problems with its enemies in the north, in Palestine and in Libya. The greatest danger came from the Libyans, which had taken control over the oases in the Western Desert, and were still advancing. It was with the assistance of the Sea People that the Libyans were able to create an army big enough to threaten Egypt. The big battle took place in 1233, and resulted in almost 10,000 deaths on Libyan side.
After quelling his enemy, Merneptah ordered the creation of memory plates, of which the one now called "Israel Stele" contains the oldest reference to Israel. It is also possible that Merneptah suppressed revolts in Nubia.
He died a natural death in high age. He was succeeded by Amenmesse.

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By Tore Kjeilen