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Moulay Idriss
Also referred to as: Idriss 1; Moulay Idriss 1

Tomb and mosque of Moulay Idriss, Moulay Idriss, Morocco.
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Tomb and mosque of Moulay Idriss, Moulay Idriss, Morocco.

(Died ca. 792) Muslim missonary, founder of the Idrissid Dynasty, which ruled Morocco until the 11th century.
Idriss was one of the main heirs through Ali to the Caliphate, being the great-grandson of Muhammad, the founder of Islam. He had to flee the Middle East after the Umayyads had taken full control over this part of the Muslim world.
As a Moroccan leader, he was recognized as imam, indicating that he was both a religious as well as a political leader.
Idriss began the construction of the town today known as Moulay Idriss, apparently serving as his capital. He also founded Fez, though it would be his son, Idriss 2, who built the city.
He had one son, Idriss, who was born after his own death.

786: The Umayyads take control over the Middle East following their victory at the Battle of Fakh.
787: Flees from Arabia to Morocco, fearing for his security.
— Is welcomed at Volubilis, the largest town in Northern Morocco.
Late 780's: Begins taking control over large parts of Morocco.
792: Dies from poisoning by Umayyad agents, sent out by the Caliph fearing the growing strength of Idriss. He was succeeded by his son, Idriss 2, but for 15 years, his servant, Rashid, acted as regent.

By Tore Kjeilen