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Muhammad 6
Arabic: (FULL NAME:) muhammadu bni l-hassan
Arabic: (TITLE:) muhammadu s-sādis

King Muhammad 6 of Morocco

(1963-) King of Morocco since 1999.
At the time of his accession to the throne, Muhammad is fairly unknown in terms of qualities and political orientation.
It is believed that he will follow the line of his father, which has involved strong liberalization of the Moroccan society, economy and political life in recent years. Muhammad were given many assignments by his father, which has been interpreted as confidence in his abilities.
Muhammad's education is marked by a strong orientation toward Moroccan foreign interests, both diplomatic and economic. Especially the European Union has been the subject of much his attention.
Muhammad married on the eve of the death of his father, as Moroccan law does not allow an unmarried king. Neither name nor photos have been revealed by his wife.

1963 August 21: Born in Rabat as the first son of King Hassan 2.
1967: Starts studying at the Koranic school at the Royal Palace, just like his father before him.
1969: Starts a modern style education.
1973: Starts secondary education at the Royal College.
1981: Receives his Baccalaureate.
1985: Receives his B.A. in law from the College of Law at the Rabat Muhammad V University, after researching the Arab-African Union and Morocco's position in international affairs.
1988 November: Undergoes training with the president of the European Commission, Jacques Delors, in Brussels, Belgium.
1993 October 29: Receives the title Doctor in law from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis in France. Here he delivers a thesis on EEC-Maghreb Relations.
1994 July 12: Muhammad is appointed General de Division.
1999 July 23: At the death of his father, Hassan 2, Muhammad becomes the new king of Morocco.
July 25: Muhammad receives leaders and royal members from all over the world, and leads the funeral of his father in Rabat.
July 30: In his first speech, Muhammad declares that Morocco will give amnesty to 46.000 prisoners, where 8.000 will be up for immediate release.
2002 March 21: Marries 24-year-old computer engineer Salma Bennani, who takes the title HRH Princess Lalla.

By Tore Kjeilen