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Ninurta relief, from Nineveh

In Mesopotamian religions, god of the storm and god of the city of Nippur.
It is primarily in the older faiths that Ninurta is revered, in Sumerian religion and Akkadian religion.
His name meant Lord of the Earth, he was the one securing good harvest and plenty of fish in the river. In the myth called The deeds of Ninurta he is a warrior god, protecting Babylonia against the demon Asag who resides in the mountains.
In his representations he is presented holding a bow and arrow. At Nippur, Ninurta was revered as part of a triad with his parents, father Enlil and mother Ninlil. His consort was Ugallu.
There was also a cult for him at Lagash, where he was identified with Ningirsu. He was earlier called Ninib, and was then prestented as a solar deity. As Ningirsu, his consort was Bau.

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By Tore Kjeilen