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Ehud Olmert
Hebrew: ehud 'olmert

Ehud Olmert.
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Ehud Olmert.

(1945-) Israeli prime minister 2006-.
Olmert rose to the highest acting political position in Israeli society by being one of Ariel Sharon's most loyal partners. He has been central in the Israeli withdrawals from Palestinian territory since 2005, but acted harshly after a Palestinian kidnapping of an Israeli soldier
He was a very active mayor of Jerusalem for 10 years, starting 1993, putting much effort into developing the city's infrastructure.
Olmert has several times been accused of corruption, like with the Greek island affair from 1999.
He is married with 4 biological children and an adopted daughter.

1945 September 30: Born in Binyamina, Palestine.
1973: Elected for the Knesset, representing Likud.
1988: Is appointed Minister without portfolio, responsible for minority affairs.
1990: Is appointed Minister of Health.
1992: Steps down as Minister of Health.
1993: Is elected Mayor of Jerusalem.
1998: Stepping down from the Knesset, to fully devote himself to the role og mayor.
2003 January: Is elected for the Knesset, and steps down as mayor.
February: Is appointed Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Industry, Trade and Labour.
December: Suggests that Israel pulls out of both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
2005 August 7: Is appointed new Finance Minister, after the protest resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu.
November 20: Ariel Sharon leaves Likud, declaring that he wants to form a new political party. Olmert are among the first to join him.
January 4: Takes over the prime minister functions from the hospitalized Ariel Sharon.
January 16: Ehud Olmert is elected leader of Kadima, thereby becoming the party's prime minister candidate.
March 28: General elections make Kadima the largest party, receiving 22% of the votes, gaining 29 out of 120 seats in the Knesset. Ehud Olmert is asked to form a colation government.
April 14: Becomes prime minister.
June 25: An Israeli soldier is kidnapped by militant Palestinians. Israel starts a campaign against Gaza Strip, lasting 2 weeks, in which many central infrastructure is destroyed.

By Tore Kjeilen