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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Murad 5

Sultan Murad 5

Sultan Murad 5.

(1840-1904) Ottoman sultan from May until August 1876.
Murad was both well-educated and most intelligent. He is reported to have been pleasant when dealing with other people, and during his visit to Europe in 1867 he made an excellent figure. Hence, he would have been the perfect material for a sultan.
But after years of suspicious surveillance from Sultan Abdülaziz, misuse of alcohol and with a nervous nature he was close to mental breakdown when he became sultan in 1876. Only after 93 days on the throne, his mental problems had become so strong that he was deposed.


1840 September 21: Born in Constantinople.
1867: Visits Europe together with Abdülaziz, where he makes contact with exiled liberals. Abdülaziz discovers this, and would keep him under close surveillance for years. 1876 May 30: Murad is made sultan after that a group of minister under the leadership of Midhat Pasha has Abdülaziz deposed.
August 31: Is declared mentally ill and incurable by Ottoman and foreign doctors.
1904 August 29: Dies in Constantinople.

By Tore Kjeilen