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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Mehmed 6 Vahidüttin

Sultan Mehmed 6 Vahidüttin

Mehmed 6 Vahidüttin.

(1861-1926) the last Ottoman sultan 1918-1922.
Although reports tell that Mehmed was both intelligent and apt, the foundation of the sultanate was since long disappeared. The nationalist movement was strong and under excellent leadership with Mustafa Kemal. The Ottoman Empire was reduced to little more than the lands of Turkey.


1861 January 14: Born as son of Sultan Abdülmecid 1.
1918 July 4: With the death of Mehmed 5 Resat, Mehmed becomes new sultan. He tries to take personal control of the government.
December 21: Mehmed dissolves the Parliament, and starts a campaign to crush the nationalists.
1919 December Mehmed strikes a deal with the nationalists and their leader Mustafa Kemal in order to secure territorial integrity. The parties agrees to hold parliamentary elections, where the nationalists win majority.
1920 January 12. The Ottoman parliament assembles in Istanbul.
— European powers with control over the remainder of the empire, disapproves of the nationalists, and have many of their members arrested and sent in exile.
1920 April 11: Mehmed dissolves the Parliament, and the nationalists establishes a provisional government in Ankara.
August 10: The Treaty of Sèvres leaves the empire with little more than territory of modern Turkey.
1922 November 1: The Grand National Assembly abolishes the sultanate, but says that a caliph will be elected from one of the members of the Ottoman house.
November 17: Fearing for his own destiny, Mehmed escapes from the royal palace and flees to Malta aboard a British warship.
— The Grand National Assembly declares that Mehmed is deposed, and elects his cousin Abdülmecid 2 as caliph.
1926 May 16: Dies in Italy.

By Tore Kjeilen