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Arabic: 'az-zubayr
Other spellings:Az-Zubayr; Az-Zuhair; Az-Zubair; Zubair; El-Zubair; Zobier

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Zubayr, Iraq
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City in southern Iraq with 170,000 inhabitants (2002 estimate), southwest of Basra.
The economy of Zubayr is mainly based on oil production, being the largest urban settlement near the oil rich fields of southern Iraq. The region of Zubayr also has some small-scale agriculture.
Zubayr has good connections to other urban centres of Iraq, by rail, highways and to some extent airlines.
Zubayr is dominated by large neighbourhoods interconnected by wide boulevards.

19th century: Massive immigration from Najd.
1980's: The najdis return to Najd, now Saudi Arabia.
2003: Among the first cities to fall to the invading US/British forces during the US/British-Iraq War.

By Tore Kjeilen