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Abu Sir

Abu Sir

1. Neferirkare pyramid

2. Nyuserre pyramid

3. Sahure pyramid

4. Raneferef pyramid

5. Khentkawes pyramid

6. Lepsius' unknown


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5th Dynasty Pyramids

The complex at Abu Sir is a necropolis from the 5. Dynasty, and was in use for a fairly short period of time, just about 70 years. The importance of the area may have started sometime after 2500 BCE, and ended before 2420 BCE.
Younger than the pyramids of Giza, one gets surprised by the fact that they are so much smaller. All in all there are 3 standing pyramids, plus the remains of a handful other. The Pyramid of Neferikare is the largest, with its height of 72 metres.

Abu Sir, Egypt

Seen from the north: From left, pyramid of Sahure, pyramid of Nyuserre and pyramid of Neferirkare.

The name Abu Sir comes from the Egyptian "Per Wsir", which meant "Place of Osiris".
Definitely off the beaten track, the Pyramids of Abu Sir offer an opportunity to see pyramids without crowds of tourists as in Saqqara, or even worse, with the city growing in on the complex as in Giza. When arriving in Abu Sir, there is a chance you can have to entire place to yourself.
Parts of the Abu Sir area is still unexcavated, and more finds are possible in the future.
Pyramids of Abu Sir seen from Saqqara, Egypt

Seen from Saqqara (south). Pyramids of Abu Sir to the left, and pyramids of Giza to the right.

By Tore Kjeilen