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Abu Sir

Abu Sir

1. Neferirkare pyramid

2. Nyuserre pyramid

3. Sahure pyramid

4. Raneferef pyramid

5. Khentkawes pyramid

6. Lepsius' unknown


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Pyramid of Neferirkare

Pyramid of Neferirkare at Abu Sir, Egypt

Neferirkare was a pharaoh of the 5th Dynasty and ruled for 21 years, from 2475 until 2455 BCE.
Neferirkare was the brother of Sahure, and succeeded him as pharaoh. It is assumed that he was an older man by then, but he set out on creating a pyramid and a funerary complex that would surpass Sahure's in every respect.
Egypt under Neferirkare was a poorer country than under the 4th Dynasty, so his plans for a pyramid 70 metres high must have been on the brink of what his treasury could finance.
Just like Sahure, he employed the technique for step pyramids for the core of the pyramid. This would be clad by a girdle of masonry and cased by red granite.
But he died before the complex was completed. The work on the pyramid was stopped, and the funerary complex quickly finished, using mudbrick and tree instead of stone.
About 40 years later, Neferirkare's son Nyuserre became pharaoh. He annexed the temple and integrated parts of it into his own complex. But he also completed his father's pyramid.
Pyramid of Neferirkare at Abu Sir, Egyptt

By Tore Kjeilen