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Abu Sir

Abu Sir

1. Neferirkare pyramid

2. Nyuserre pyramid

3. Sahure pyramid

4. Raneferef pyramid

5. Khentkawes pyramid

6. Lepsius' unknown


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Pyramid of Nyuserre

Pyramid of Nyuserre at Abu Sir, Egypt

The Pyramid of Nyuserre, with its mortuary temple to the right.

Pyramid of Nyuserre at Abu Sir, Egypt

Nyuserre was a pharaoh of the 5th Dynasty and ruled for 25 years, from 2445 until 2421 BCE. For more information check the the Encyclopaedia: Nyuserre.
Nyuserre must have been one of the least selfish pharaohs. He took upon himself to complete his father, Neferirkare's pyramid. What remained in his treasury was no more than what was needed to build a pyramid 21 metres smaller than his father's, 51 metres high to 72 metres.
He placed his pyramid squeezed in between his father's and his uncle, Sahure's, making the three pyramids lie closer than any other pyramids in Egypt. He must have sought for the strength of the family, as if the three pyramids together secured him a safer place in the afterlife.
The funerary complex and his causeway is notable for the extensive use of black basalt, covering the ground and the bases of the walls. Walls were made from fine limestone, with a belt of red granite. Reliefs were carved into the upper half.
Pyramid of Nyuserre at Abu Sir, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen