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Abu Sir

Abu Sir

1. Neferirkare pyramid

2. Nyuserre pyramid

3. Sahure pyramid

4. Raneferef pyramid

5. Khentkawes pyramid

6. Lepsius' unknown


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Pyramid of Khentkawes

Pyramid of Khentkawes at Abu Sir, Egypt

Khentkawes was the queen of Neferirkare, and her pyramid was aligned to his in the traditional manner, next to the axis of the king pyramid. Her pyramid was built only 17 metres high, and has feared badly. The interior is badly ruined.
What makes her pyramid interesting is that her pyramid have indications that Khentkawes may have ruled as a pharaoh on her own. The evidence opening up for such a possibility is an inscription has the word for "mother" added to "King's Wife", and that her mortuary temple was aligned from east to west which was only used for king pyramids. Some reliefs show Khentkawes holding the symbols of the king only. There was even built a satellite pyramid to hers.
We know that Khentkawes was worshipped for as much as 300 years. So she must have been an important figure, at least.

By Tore Kjeilen