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1. Temple of Derr

2. Tomb of Pennut


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Temple of Derr

Amada, Egypt

Photos: Rita Willaert

The Temple of Derr appears quite different from its original shape, having lost its gateway and forecourt. Only the facade of the inner sanctuary remains, with 4 square pillars.
This temple has a structure quite similar to Ramses 2's temples at Abu Simbel, with an interior entirely cut out from rock. Wall decorations are sunken reliefs with painted details.
Perhaps the most noteworthy depiction is of a sacred barque with Re-Herakhte, carried by a priest. Ramses 2 is seen walking alongside it, wearing a leopard-skin cloak.
In the inner sections, there are 4 statues of Ramses and the gods, which have had their faces hacked away by Christian fanatics.
The temple was rescued from the rising waters of Lake Nasser, beginning 1964. Amada, Egypt

Amada, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen