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1. Elephantine

2. Temple of Khnum

3. Runis of Yebu

4. Nilometers

5. Temples of Satet

6. Aswan Museum

7. Nubian villages

8. Tombs of the Nobles

9. Felucca trip

10. Kitchener's Island

11. Aga Khan Mausoleuem

12. Monastery of St. Simeon

13. Unfinished obelisk

14. Fatimid cemetery

15. Nubia Museum

16. Aswan High Dam

17. City scenes


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Felucca trip

Felucca trip, Aswan, Egypt

Felucca trip, Aswan, Egypt

A felucca trip is a must at Aswan, and pleasure and convenience can be combined if you heading out for sights on the other side of the Nile.
A felucca is a local sail boat, which benefits from the winds on the Nile, and whenever possible, also the streams.
Felucca trips are great ways of cooling off in the afternoon, while being on an open boat in the midday sun may be too much for many. While out with the felucca there is nothing stopping you from enjoing food you bring with you (it is good courtesy to share with the felucca captain) or take a swim in the Nile.
Prices for felucca trips are not high, but you only get the right price with hard bargaining. During my last visit in 2005, prices seemed to start at EŁ25 for one hour sailing, one to four passengers. The longer the trip, price per hour goes down. It is possible to arrange for longer felucca rides, in theory as far as Luxor, but because of security regulations, the longest felucca trips end in Edfu. Summer offer the best sailing conditions, but these trips are arranged the whole year. The main challenge is to group together enough people (unless you do not mind paying the full price). With 8 people in the boat, the rate seems to be EŁ30 to Kom Ombo and EŁ60 to Edfu. Sailing time to Kom Ombo is 2 days, 3 days to Edfu.
Felucca trip, Aswan, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen