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1. The Red Pyramid

2. Interior

3. The Bent Pyramid

4. Pyramid satellite

5. Details

6. Amenemhet 3 pyramid

7. Sesostris 3 pyramid


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Pyramid of Amenemhet 3

Dahshur, Egypt

Amenemhet 3 was a pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty and ruled for 46 years, from 1831 until 1786 BCE. For more information check the the Encyclopaedia: Amenemhet 3.
Of the 3 collapsed pyramids at Dahshur, the one of Amenemhet 3 is the most remarkable. It is also called the Black Pyramid, but the black granite that surmounted it is now in The National Museum in Cairo.
Today it really doesn't look much like a pyramid, it resembles a mountain. Too much has simply fallen off. The pyramid was originally 80 metres tall, with sides 102 metres long. All in all, it was an example of bad construction and the use of easily accessible but inferior building material. Good on Amenemhet 3 that he was not buried here after all, but at Hawara.

By Tore Kjeilen