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1. Court

2. Exterior of temple

3. Columns and ceiling

4. Dark interior

5. Roof with sanctuaries

6. A chubby Cleopatra

7. Sacred lake

8. Roman Birth House

9. Sanatorium

10. Iseum


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Dark interior

Dendera, Egypt

Standing in the Hall of Appearances, looking out into the Hypostyle Hall.

Dendera, Egypt

The many chapels have each their distinct wall decorations. Lighting is limited, the walls are high, but there is a lot to enjoy.

The interior of the temple is really dark, it appears that the authorities aim at creating about as much light as there must have been here in ancient times. A torch is a smart thing to bring when visiting Dendera.
The Hall of Appearances, the first part of the dark area, was the place where Hathor consorted with fellow deities before she departed on her yearly voyage to Edfu. In addition to the many wall decorations, note the empty cartouches, indicating kings who ruled to short time to have their name inscribed by the stonemasons.
The deeper you enter the temple, the more sacred the area and the more specific the purpose of the rooms. There was a laboratory for perfumes and incense, an offering hall and several rooms for the divine statues.
Dendera, Egypt

The tiny Per-Ur Chapel, from where the New Year procession started. On the picture is Hathor, to her sides are Maat and Isis.

By Tore Kjeilen