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1. City of the Dead

2. Aba Hur Church

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Aba Hur Church

Aba Hur Church, Minya, Egypt

The entrance to the church is through a short corridor. All lower inner stone structures have been cut out of the rock itself.

Aba Hur Church, Minya, Egypt

Aba Hur Church, Minya, Egypt

The modern church of Aba Hur. This lies next to the old one, but has not annexed any of the old one's structures.

The story of this site is that Aba Hur was a blacksmith's son who was tortured for his Christian faith. But by showing great strength he managed to convert the Roman governor of Pelsium to Christianity.
The interior contains locked parts relating to Aba Hur, but you can still get a view in if you stand on your toes. The only unique feature to the church is that the sacred area is not elevated from the rest of the church. It is also always fascinating to realize how large parts of the inner structure that has been cut directly out of the rock.

By Tore Kjeilen