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1. City of the Dead

2. Aba Hur Church

2. Virgin Monastery

2. Nile scenes


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Eat and Sleep
Very good on hotels, but there is quite a number of hotels that do not offer a good deal, so shop around unless you know well what a hotel room of a certain standard should cost you. The Akhenaten Hotel must be one of Egypt's best 3-star offers, with great rooms (no English channels on the satellite-TV) at 70/90 s/dbl.
Good on restaurants as well.

Very good connections, as one would expect from any major city that is set on the Nile, with buses, taxis and trains. For exploring nearby sites, taxis seem to be the best way of travelling.
The police at your hotel will usually be most helpful in finding the best transportation. They may be inclined to put you in a taxi for long rides, as this is simple for you. If you don't have the money for that, just insist on being transported to the bus station or train station.

Going Next
35 km southeast: Beni Hassan
50 km south: Hermopolis
60 km south: Tuna el-Gebel
90 km south: Tell el-Amarna
125 km southeast: Assyut
250 km north: Cairo
150 km north: Fayoum Oasis

By Tore Kjeilen