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1. House of Mizouni

2. House of Amasyali

3. Mill of Abu Shahin

4. Ramadan House

5. Thabet House

6. Al-Mahali Mosque

7. Muallaqa Mosque

8. Fishing boats on Nile


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House of Amasyali

House of Amasyali, Rosetta, Egypt

House of Amasyali, Rosetta, Egypt

Clearly the finest exterior in all of Rosetta belongs to Amasyali's house. Colours here are stronger and details finer. The house is rather large, and is among those with most space under the ceiling.
Unfortunately it is closed for visitors at the moment, but should you be lucky to visit Rosetta after it reopens you will enjoy seeing the finest wooden ceilings and wall-decorations with extensive use of mother-of-pearl with the mashrabiyyas.
House of Amasyali, Rosetta, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen