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1. House of Mizouni

2. House of Amasyali

3. Mill of Abu Shahin

4. Ramadan House

5. Thabet House

6. Al-Mahali Mosque

7. Muallaqa Mosque

8. Fishing boats on Nile


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Quarter of Ramadan House

Rosetta, Egypt

Rosetta, Egypt

The 6 houses around the Ramadan House are probably the first you will see when you come to Rosetta. Their exteriors are generally well restored, and complete with tiny bays and windows with intricate decorations. Each has its own variations from the common style.

The Ramadan House on the corner can be entered, but its exterior is generally in a very early stage of restoration, and it will take a few years more (from November 2004) before it is ready for visitors. But I found one piece worth the effort; a small room on the 2nd floor has a beautiful ceiling. It is easy to miss, so look carefully.
Rosetta, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen