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1. House of Mizouni

2. House of Amasyali

3. Mill of Abu Shahin

4. Ramadan House

5. Thabet House

6. Al-Mahali Mosque

7. Muallaqa Mosque

8. Fishing boats on Nile


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Al-Mahali Mosque

Al-Mahali mosque, Rosetta, Egypt

Al-Mahali mosque, Rosetta, Egypt

This tiny mosque is a strange view. Stepping inside it, it gives few directions and its elements and functions feel random. Which is altogether not wrong either. You could try to find two columns inside that looks the same. But it is quite possible that this mosque is the opposite of random, that it just tells its story with other methods than the standard mosques.
The mosque has 99 columns, the same number as Muslims believe that there are "names" for God. Just like each of these names are unique, so is every column. The columns, many taken from other religious buildings, may represent the continuity of old practices that reflects the continuity of the hearts of the believers.

By Tore Kjeilen