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1. House of Mizouni

2. House of Amasyali

3. Mill of Abu Shahin

4. Ramadan House

5. Thabet House

6. Al-Mahali Mosque

7. Muallaqa Mosque

8. Fishing boats on Nile


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Fishing boats on the Nile

A short walk down to the Corniche, which it is still called even now when all former elegance is swept away, is rewarding for two things. Depending on the time of the day you will either see much of the Nile on one of its last legs on the way to the sea. Or you will see large fishing boats in happy blue and green colours.
Note the lack of bridges over the Nile, in Rosetta time has not moved much the last century, and small river boats is the only connection across.
Colourful fishing boats on the Nile, Rosetta, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen