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1. Zoser's step pyramid

2. Entrance and Hall

3. Mortuary temple

4. Meet Zoser

5. Heb-Sed Court

6. House of South

7. Pyramid of Unas

8. Causeway; boat pits

9. Valley Temple

10. Tomb of Horemheb

11. Saite & Persian tombs

12. Sekhemkhet pyramid

13. Teti pyramid

14. Entering the tomb

15. Mastabas

16. Mereruka

17. Ti

18. Kagemni

19. Akhti-Hotep and Ptah-Hotep

20. Pyramid of Userkaf

21. 1. & 3.Dynasty Tombs

22. Philsopher's Circle

23. Serapeum

South Saqqara

25. Pepi 2 pyramid

26. Faraoun mastaba

27. Pepi 1 pyramid

28. Djedkare pyramid

29. Merenre pyramid

30. Ibi pyramid


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Unas. Valley Temple

Valley temple of Pyramid of Unas, Saqqara, Egypt

It is surprising to see how almost every tourist bus just passes the Valley Temple of Unas; perhaps it lies too close to the ticket office to appear as anything but unimportant? But after travelling up and down the pyramid belt of Egypt, how many Valley Temples have you seen?
Most pyramids had a valley temple, a place where boats could arrive, usually from an artificial bay in from the Nile, sometimes directly to the Nile. Statues were loaded on to the temple grounds, people embarked and ceremonies could be performed. The most important ritual of all was of course the burial of the king, when his mummy was transported from the eastern side to the western side the Nile, but annual rituals took place to commemorate the late king.
Unas Valley Temple is partly in good condition. Most columns are gone, but the platform and the stairways are almost completely intact. Unfortunately, the causeway between the pyramid and the Valley Temple is gone here below, but in good condition further up. Valley temple of Pyramid of Unas, Saqqara, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen