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1. Zoser's step pyramid

2. Entrance and Hall

3. Mortuary temple

4. Meet Zoser

5. Heb-Sed Court

6. House of South

7. Pyramid of Unas

8. Causeway; boat pits

9. Valley Temple

10. Tomb of Horemheb

11. Saite & Persian tombs

12. Sekhemkhet pyramid

13. Teti pyramid

14. Entering the tomb

15. Mastabas

16. Mereruka

17. Ti

18. Kagemni

19. Akhti-Hotep and Ptah-Hotep

20. Pyramid of Userkaf

21. 1. & 3.Dynasty Tombs

22. Philsopher's Circle

23. Serapeum

South Saqqara

25. Pepi 2 pyramid

26. Faraoun mastaba

27. Pepi 1 pyramid

28. Djedkare pyramid

29. Merenre pyramid

30. Ibi pyramid


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Mastaba of al-Faraoun

Mastaba al-Faraoun, Saqqara, Egypt

Mastaba al-Faraoun, Saqqara, Egypt

The entrance. It used to have a door which the local guide could unlock, but now it has been firmly walled up.

Mastaba al-Faraoun, Saqqara, Egypt

The next south is Dahshur, here with the Bent Pyramid cleary visible.

This unusually large structure is ascribed to Shepsekaf, the son of Menkaure, the builder of the smallest of the 3 pyramids at Giza. Whether Shepsekaf wanted to distance himself from the pyramid craze of his predecessors or if he didn't have to time to build more during his 5 years in power, is a question of debate.
As a matter of fact, it is commonly believed that he was never buried here at all. The 21 metre long corridor leading to the intended resting place of this not too famous pharaoh from around 2500 BCE is unfortunately no longer accessible, the entrance has been sealed off by concrete.
It is possible to climb on top, the guard here (he will find you) will invite you. What you get is just a better view of the entire area.

By Tore Kjeilen