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1. Ruins of Shali

2. Around Shali

3. The town

4. The oasis

5. Gebel al-Mawta

6. Alexander's oracle

7. Temple of Amon

8. Cleopatra's Pool

9. Gebel Dakrur

10. Tourist Festival

11. Fatnis Island

12. Alexander's Tomb

13. Birket Siwa

14. Birket Zeitun

15. Well of Abu Shuruf

16. Libyan sunset

17. Bir Wahed

18. Night images

19. Losing paradise?


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Cleopatra's Pool

Cleopatra's Pool, Siwa, Egypt

It sounds like an historical place, but there is no reason to believe that Cleopatra had anything to do with it. The fine name indicates however that this is one of Siwa's nicest pools.
Nowadays it is used by local men for bathing, but foreign female visitors will not be denied entry. It was formerly used by local brides for bathing, but that practice has now moved to the nearby Tamusi bath, which is more secluded.
Cleopatra's Pool has a little cafe, sheltered from the sun and good for hot days.
Cleopatra's Pool, Siwa, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen