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1. Ruins of Shali

2. Around Shali

3. The town

4. The oasis

5. Gebel al-Mawta

6. Alexander's oracle

7. Temple of Amon

8. Cleopatra's Pool

9. Gebel Dakrur

10. Tourist Festival

11. Fatnis Island

12. Alexander's Tomb

13. Birket Siwa

14. Birket Zeitun

15. Well of Abu Shuruf

16. Libyan sunset

17. Bir Wahed

18. Night images

19. Losing paradise?


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Sunset over the Libyan Desert

If you have the chance, try to get a quiet moment with the sunset, preferrably at the outskirts of the desert. It is a magic moment to see the sun go down over vast sand dunes. During a few minutes the sun burns up before leaving only a dark pink curtain over the landscape.

Sunset, with Birket Siwa and the desert.

By Tore Kjeilen