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1. Ruins of Shali

2. Around Shali

3. The town

4. The oasis

5. Gebel al-Mawta

6. Alexander's oracle

7. Temple of Amon

8. Cleopatra's Pool

9. Gebel Dakrur

10. Tourist Festival

11. Fatnis Island

12. Alexander's Tomb

13. Birket Siwa

14. Birket Zeitun

15. Well of Abu Shuruf

16. Libyan sunset

17. Bir Wahed

18. Night images

19. Losing paradise?


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Siwa, hotel

Siwa, hotel

Hotels and alternatives
Compared with my first visit 10 years ago, Siwa has now turned into a well functioning traveller's resort. You will be able to choose between a handful several hotels, most of which are basic, but clean, and exellent value. If you are not on a thight budget, the Shali Lodge (photos) is one of Egypt's finest hotels, not really luxurious, built as close to traditional styles as possible.

Restaurants and alternatives
Restaurants of Siwa are generally simple, but usually very charming. There are plenty to chose from, but I noticed that the old hang-out, Abdu, is still the most popular place. Prices are no more or less than Egyptian average, but the good thing with Siwa, is that is apparently the only oasis where you can eat really good food. Some hotels serve food too.

Some guide books report that there are no banks in Siwa. This has changed, there is even an ATM.
Siwa has at last visit one operational Internet cafe, but it only had two PC's and a dial-up line.

Buses serve the destination Siwa- Marsa Matruh. From/to Marsa Matruh you can catch a bus for either Cairo, Alexandria or the border to Libya.
There should be no problems getting to Siwa, or from Siwa. About once a week, 4WDs are cutting their way through the desert, ending up in the oasis Baharia. The car seats up to 9 persons, and you should expect to pay around EŁ700-1000 total. You can also hire a 4WD for the journey to the very remote oasis of Qara.

Going Next
450 kmeast: Baharia
600 km northeast: Alexandria
300 km north: Marsa Matruh

By Tore Kjeilen