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Tell el-Amarna

Tell el-Amarna

1. Tomb of Huya

2. Tomb of Mery-Re 1

3. Tomb of Ahmose

4. Great Temple of Aten

5. Southern tomb of Ay

6. The city


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Tomb of Ahmose

Tomb of Ahmose, Tell el-Amarna, Egypt

Being in front of the parade, holding the flag was a great deal in the time of Akhenaten. Ahmose was his fan bearer, and was one of a few dignitaries who could afford build his own tomb in the mountainside over Akhetaten.
His tomb was never finished, perhaps corresponding with the abandonment of the city altogether in 1360. The few wall-decorations that have survived show scenes from the royal palace and the army's preparations for battle.
Tomb of Ahmose, Tell el-Amarna, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen