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Tell el-Amarna

Tell el-Amarna

1. Tomb of Huya

2. Tomb of Mery-Re 1

3. Tomb of Ahmose

4. Great Temple of Aten

5. Southern tomb of Ay

6. The city


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Southern tomb of Ay

Tomb of Ay, Tell el-Amarna, Egypt

Tomb of Ay, Tell el-Amarna, Egypt

There are many theories of Ay's family connections, since he is sometimes referred to as "Divine Father". He served as the vizier from the time before Akhenaten and would even serve under Tutankhamon, before becoming pharaoh himself from 1352 until 1348 BCE.
His tomb was not finished when Akhetaten was abandoned, and never came in use. Still it is the finest of the Southern Tombs, with many great decorations and some original colour intact. The most notable element must be the pillared hall has as many as 8 columns. No northern tomb has more than 4.
Tomb of Ay, Tell el-Amarna, Egypt

Wall-decoration near the entrance showing Ay in front of his wife Tey. They were called "Divine Father and Mother".

By Tore Kjeilen