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Tell el-Amarna

Tell el-Amarna

1. Tomb of Huya

2. Tomb of Mery-Re 1

3. Tomb of Ahmose

4. Great Temple of Aten

5. Southern tomb of Ay

6. The city


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In and around the site there are no amenities for visitors, except for some standard food stores in the village. Getting from here would prove difficult should you find yourself in that situation. And the ferry crossing the Nile is supposed to stop its services before 18.00.
Your only choices for accommodation and arranging for transport, which at the present would mean a taxi, is from either Minya or Assyut. Minya is the nicest of the two.
Expect to pay EŁ150 going back and forth, EŁ200 if you want to go from Minya to Assyut or reverse.
And of course, bring all you need of money, food and beverages for the day.

Going Next
30 km north: Hermopolis
40 km northwest: Tuna el-Gebel
35 km north: Beni Hassan
80 km south: Assyut
90 km north: Minya
340 km north: Cairo

By Tore Kjeilen