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Wadi Natrun

Wadi Natrun

1. Deir Anba Bishoi

2. Deir as-Suryani

3. Deir Abu Maqar

4. Deir al-Baramus


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Deir al-Baramus

Wadi Natrun, Egypt

Wadi Natrun, Egypt

The background for this monastery's name is the story of the two sons of Emperor Valentinus, Maximus and Domidus, who were tested for their faith here in Wadi Natrun. They died in proving it, and when St Makarius founded this monastery in 340, he named it after them. Baramus is Coptic for "Two Romans".
Deir al-Baramus is the oldest of the surviving 4 monasteries, and in many ways the most isolated.

By Tore Kjeilen